At the end of the year we tend to reflect on the year gone by. 2020 and 2021 were the strangest years in most peoples’ living memories due to the pandemic, and some industries, such as hospitality, were hit particularly hard. We had to manage our business in line with new restrictions and at times we had to adapt to new measures with very little notice as Cornwall went from being the least affected area in the UK to the most affected region in no time at all. We navigated this difficult time with a little poetic license, in an attempt to soften the telling of bad tidings. As we reflect on the last couple of years, our collection of poems from the pandemic reminds us of the unpresedented journey that we’ve been on…


It is with great sadness that our doors will be closing
At 10pm on Wednesday, due to the lockdown
We’ll be open again in December, supposing..
The R-rate has dropped back down in our town.
We’d like to thank you all for your support,
During these unusual times that we’ve all been enduring,
Without YOU our business would thwart,
Your continued custom has been greatly assuring.
Until the other side we wish you well,
Stay safe out there and look out for your peers,
And before long we’ll welcome you back to our hotel,
With a bar freshly stocked with local beers!


We are thrilled to announce that our doors will reopen,
On 2nd December as restrictions are eased,
Our tier one allocation comes with positive emotion,
No doubt you are all equally as pleased!
There is much to look forward to when we open our door,
Festive dining, festive carveries and hot mulled wine..
Cosy rooms, a warm welcome and much, much more,
In a Covid-safe environment so you can relax and feel fine.
Have faith everyone that life will soon return..
To something that resembles our old normal,
Remember that life with less concern?
And procedures considerably less formal!
Until then we hope to see you in our pub,
For socially distanced drinking and dining,
From our menu of expertly home-cooked grub,
And one day soon, all this will be a little less confining ❤


To all our customers, friends and peers,
Thank you for helping to consume our beers,
For we have once again had to close our doors,
Until health in the community is once more restored.
Tier three was an unwelcome revelation,
But this pandemic is a complex situation,
Keep faith, the new restrictions won’t last forever,
Since a return to normal is the ultimate endeavour.
We warmly thank you for all your support,
We’re just so sorry that we had to abort,
Our festive carveries and New Year’s Eve,
An invitation to next years events, you will receive.
So for the next few weeks we must bid you farewell,
While we temporarily close our bar and hotel,
Meanwhile we wish you some festive cheer,
And of course, a very happy New Year!


Are you looking forward to seeing your friends..?
Relaxing in pub gardens, sipping on cocktail blends..?
Dining out, without any cooking or washing up..?
Taking a beach holiday, maybe hiring a SUP?

The good news is, you haven’t long to wait,
We have some phased reopening dates for you to assimilate!
On April 12th our beer garden will welcome guests once more,
Then from 17th May the remainder of our business will again restore.

Remember the days of al fresco dining,
With the evenings warm and the sun shining,
When we could meet with friends for a morning brew,
And go on to enjoy an afternoon beer or two?!

It won’t be long now, just a few more days,
Until the first step in our reopening phase.
We look forward to seeing you back in our pub,
Enjoying a refreshing drink and some delicious pub grub! 💙


We’ve all been affected by this pandemic situation,
So we must have compassion for one another’s woes.
We are one world and just one population,
It is to this end that we’d like to propose…

Next time you are in a restaurant or bar,
Spare a thought for the dedicated staff,
They’ve endured endless challenges this year so far,
And so they may not always be up for a laugh.

Food might take a while to reach your table,
The telephone might repeatedly ring out.
With current staffing levels we not always able,
To provide first class service throughout.

Rest assured, we could not be working more hard,
Doing everything we can to make your day,
Please don’t let your visit be marred,
When small imperfections come into play.

In time, Newquay will return to normal,
There will be staff in pubs and accommodation galore,
Until then we may have to keep things informal,
And be kind to each other, like we were once before…