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The Motown Pirates
A Musical Odyssey of Soul, Funk, and Disco


If you haven’t experienced the electrifying performances of the Motown Pirates, you’ve been missing out on a musical journey that transcends time and genres. For almost 12 years, this extraordinary band has been captivating audiences across the UK with their soulful renditions, phenomenal musicianship, and an energy that can only be described as contagious.

A Stellar Lineup

At the heart of the Motown Pirates is a lineup of top-notch musicians who have mastered the art of creating an unforgettable sonic experience. The band boasts a phenomenal brass section that can make your heart race and probably the best drummer in the world, setting the pulse for every beat that resonates through the crowd.

Front and centre is the talented and professional singer, Liz, whose impressive resume includes performances with iconic artists such as Paul Weller, Pink Floyd, Billy Ocean, and Earth Wind & Fire. With such a pedigree, it’s no wonder that Liz brings a unique and captivating presence to the Motown Pirates, elevating their performances to a level of excellence that few can match.

A Musical Fusion Like No Other

The Motown Pirates have mastered the art of blending classic Motown hits with a dash of Northern Soul and a pinch of 70s funky disco. The result is a musical fusion that transcends generations, bringing together the timeless melodies of Motown, the soulful vibes of Northern Soul, and the infectious grooves of 70s disco. It’s a recipe for an unforgettable experience that leaves audiences wanting more.

Festival Favourites

The Motown Pirates aren’t just your average band – they’re festival favourites who have stolen the show at more than a few prestigious events. Their ability to connect with diverse audiences and keep the energy high has earned them a reputation as a must-see live act. From intimate venues to sprawling festivals, the Motown Pirates know how to make every performance a memorable one.

The Return to Griffin Newquay

Following a series of previously successful events, the Motown Pirates are gearing up to take the stage once again at the Griffin Newquay on the 25th of November 2023, starting at 8:30 pm. This promises to be a night filled with soulful melodies, funky beats, and an atmosphere that’s sure to leave you buzzing with excitement.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Don’t miss your chance to witness the magic of the Motown Pirates live. Tickets for this incredible night of music are available from the Griffin or by calling 01637 874067. Priced at just £10 per person, they’re a steal for an experience that will undoubtedly be worth every penny. Hurry, as stocks are limited, and you won’t want to miss out on what promises to be an unforgettable evening of soul, funk, and disco with the Motown Pirates.